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Sausalito Madrigal Current Exhibition - Jan Buscho Marin Landscape Artist February 12th through March 11th, 2020
Sausalito Art and Wine
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Jan Buscho Jan Buscho is a Marin, CA artist known for her use of light in her gardens scenes landscape paintings. Although her paintings are inspired by nature, she adds her own interpretation in order to communicate her personal experience and vision. She works both in her studio and en plein air paintings are in oil. Statement I have been experimenting with trying to capture fleeting moments in nature – the movement of light is one of my current fascinations. I work to create some mystery and drama in my paintings, leaving some areas undefined so the viewer can find their own meaning in these spaces. My recent paintings are focused on eliciting an emotional reaction to reflect my sense of awe at experiencing a particular moment in nature.   - - - 415-637-3330